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"With the release of X-Men 2 this past weekend, fans of the comics have already found reportedly over 40 flaws within the film. And yet they can't seem to find the flaws in their own lives."
"Some people just can't handle change!"
— 1987 Raphael, Turtles Forever

In cases where as long as it's still the same basic story and keeps all the best bits and characters intact, then it doesn't matter too much that Bob's bald, Alice doesn't die, the football game ended with a different score, and they cut the watermelon scene, right? It's a bit of a shame they screwed that bit up, but really, it's not as if the entire work is Ruined FOREVER, right?


...or so you would be told by many, many a fan.

For some people, the very act of adaptation is decay. A Film version of something should be a direct word-for-word transcription, with utmost care that the sets, costumes and people be reproduced in every detail. If a character who wears a homburg in the original now wears a fedora, that will be enough to ruin the character, and therefore ruin the film. It will be all you will hear about from these fans on message boards, with them going on at length to explain how his homburg visually defined his entire personality in a way that a fedora never could.

And don't you dare suggest that in changing it they made it better. The Fan Dumb isn't listening.

This trope is not only used in situations of Adaptation Decay. It is also applicable to ongoing series where a significant change is made between seasons.

Note: This is not Complaining About Shows You Don't Like, this is about a significant traditionalist fan backlash. If you seriously think They Changed It Now It Sucks about a work, IT DOES NOT GO HERE.' Further, please resist the urge to add Justifying Edits and/or Natter below. They're always unnecessary, unwelcome and likely to spark an Internet Backdraft. Remember, Smokey The Bear says, "Only you can prevent flame wars!"

A common complaint of The Film Of The Book.

See also Translation Style Choices, Replacement Scrappy, Ruined FOREVER and Network Decay - the justified evocation of this trope.. Contrast Woolseyism. May overlap with They Don't Make Them Like They Used To. On the opposite end of the spectrum is It Is The Same Now It Sucks. When you have both It Is The Same Now It Sucks and They Changed It Now It Sucks, you wind up with an Unpleasable Fanbase.

For cases where the change goes explicitly against established norms of the series/movie/book/whatever, see They Just Didnt Care. For those where the change or plot detail is agreed by at least general consensus to be a legitimately bad one, see Wall Banger.


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