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This is a testing wiki installation for the Pokédex Extended Fanon Edition Project (PEFE), a fan project intending to amend and extend the Pokémon canon with a more scientific and in-universe view about why the Pokémon are and what kind of world do they live in. It is a project by fans for fans and everyone.

Here some articles are going to be published as well as hopefully serve as a repository of discussion.

Articles are published under the pub namespace in the sidebar.

The following articles have been updated recently: FIXME

Old articles will eventually be found in the archive namespace, and Articles in development in the DEVEL namespace. Those sections are available to registered users only.

For a quick glance at the DokuWiki syntax check Formatting Syntax. Besides the standard DokuWiki formatting, the following syntax constructs are available: BBcode, Page Tagging, Note Boxes.

This is a testing, private wiki.

Editing privileges and access to some areas is restricted to PEFE contributors.
At this stage, talk to Venia Silente or Sixth via the chatroom or Jabber to get access credentials.

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